Draft Young Luke Little Can Throw 105 Miles Per Hour

There is a swing for the fences, and then a fourth round of the droid.

They set off in search of a grand slam, picking a left-hander from Luke Little Junior College, a 6-foot-8 flamethrower with control problems that was dispersed to 105 mph and constantly throws in the mid-90s, with the 117th overall pick in five Drafts.


Little, 19, was rated Baseball in America, MLB Pipeline, and FanGraphs at a ranking of 150. His second year of college at San Jacinto College in Texas was interrupted due to a new coronavirus pandemic. As a rookie, he went through more than one striker per inning, but also struck out a whopping 17.6 in nine innings. His fastball was rated 70 on a scale of 20 to 80.

MLB Pipeline wrote: “This season, Little significantly improved his form by dropping 30 pounds from a massive 6-foot-8-foot frame and doing the best job of replicating his delivery in a limited action, although scouts still don't care about his arm or mechanics. He counted 86 outs versus 39 walks in 44 1/3 innings in two years at San Jacinto, and it is hard to imagine him as anything more than a fan who can tear himself short of his fastball. If he does not sign this summer, he will perform in South Carolina in 2021. "



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