NBA bubble will bring "level of difficulty"

Jarrett Allen admits that the NBA cannot guarantee that every player will adhere to security protocols after the resumption of the league in Orlando. Simply put, there will be personal risk of infection with COVID-19but this is a risk that the Network Center is prepared to accept.

“It will be 310 players or something like that. Take NBA players out of this: it's a lot of people to make sure you have complete control and complete guidance. Then you add the NBA aspect, a group of adults in this situation. We have our own needs, we have our own desires, and you know how we are, ”Allen said with a smile. “I agree that there will be some level of difficulty like a lady [Damian Lillard] he said."


A total of 25 of the 351 players tested since June 23 were positive, including spencer dinwiddie teammates and De andre jordanwho excluded himself from the restart, but Allen seeks to play.

“For everyone, including me, this is a bit of a concern. We all go to the unknown, ”Allen said. “But in the end, I have no doubt that two strengths – Disney and NBA – came up with the best solution for us. Obviously, I have a little doubt; we all people. But I am sure.

Jarrett Allen
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“I wondered if I should risk my health. But at the end of the day, weighing options, I better go. "

If Allen – whose name appears in the off-season trading rumors of a third star – refuses, the Nets will be destroyed.


However, despite the start of 58 of Brooklyn's 64 games, Allen was only seventh in minutes, and Jordan was eighth. And Allen lost control of the centerout of the lineup in the last two games and fourth quarter seats since early February.

Former Kenny Atkinson's decision to start Allen over Jordan was considered an apple of contentionBut over the past 15 games, Jordan was second on the team in the fourth quarter of a minute (110), while Allen was the last among the rotation players (39).


When the Nets broke up with Atkinson, interim coach The first move of Jacques Vaughn was to tear Allen out of, Now his team is without Jordan, Kevin Durant, Nick Claxton and Wilson Chandler, leaving Allen the only truly large man supported by 6-foot, 9-inch, 228-pound Rodiones Kuruk.

“There is some pressure. I do not want to say that I am the last important player, no matter how bad this may sound. I’m under some pressure to stay healthy and help the team succeed, ”Allen said.

“I have been in this position before. … year newbie I was the main big game and then last year when Ed [Davis] got injured I had a load, and this year it happened. I just need to go out and prove that I can play at this level again. ”



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