NBA Playoffs Image: Suns go 5-0 in the bubble, mid game take over the Blazers for potential spot

Highlights: Lakers vs. Pacers

Damian Lillard missed a couple of late free throws and the Portland Trail Blazers suffered a potentially decisive defeat to the Clippers as they continue to fight for eighth and last place in the playoffs in the West. After the loss, Portland is now behind 8th Memphis, but continues to hold the inside track at 9th and a streak … hardly. The Suns and Spurs defend Portland half a game.


Reminder: At the end of each team's eight seeding games, the top seven seeds in each conference will be locked. At this point, if seed # 9 is within four games of seed # 8, those two will determine the final place in the series of games, with the smaller seed beating the older seed twice and the larger. the seed only needs to be won once.

Here's a rundown of the Saturday bubble results:


Shown below is where the playoff picture is, from seeds to live matches.

*This article will be updated at the end of each night until the end of the game draw.


Western conference

1. Lakers

51-18 (-)


against the Grizzlies / Blazers

2. Clippers

47-22 (4.5 GB)


against the Mavericks

3. Nuggets

46-24 (6 GB)

against Thunder

4. Rockets

43-25 (8 GB)

against Jazz

5. Thunder

42-26 (9 GB)

against missiles

6. Jazz

43-27 (9 GB)

against nuggets

7. Mavericks

42-30 (11 GB)

against the Clippers

8. Grizzly

33-37 (19 GB)

vs. Blazers (game)

After the Utah loss, Denver was again beaten by the Thunder and the Jazz, which strengthened the Nuggets' control of the third seed over the Rockets. Memphis now has a little more breathing room at number 8.

Race for No. 8

9. Trail Blazers


1.5 GB

10. Suns


2 GB

11. Tottenham


2 GB

12. Pelicans.


2.5 GB

13. Kings


3.5 GB

The Blazers will continue to play an important role in the Memphis franchise because they have a win percentage based tiebreak, but the Suns are coming. Phoenix went 5-0 on the bubble, beating Miami on Saturday.

Eastern Conference


55-15 (-)

against magic

2. Predators

49-19 (5.5 GB)

against networks

3. Celtics

46-23 (9 GB)

against 76ers

4. Heat

43-26 (12 GB)

against the Pacers

5. Pacers

43-27 (12.5 GB)

against the heat


42-27 (13 GB)

against the Celtics

7. Networks

33-36 (22 GB)

against Raptors

8. Magic

32-38 (23.5 GB)

against the bucks

The Eastern Conference standings will remain unchanged on Saturday.

In the East, there is no race for seed # 8. Wizards were mathematically excluded.

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