Planes don't lose hope of Chris Herndon's breakthrough

Chris Herndon is a man looking for answers right now.

For the third consecutive year, the Jets entered this season with great expectations. Instead, he was tormented by drops and critically fumbled. He has 13 catches for 98 yards and has yet to score a touchdown.


“You think you're locked up and all, and you watch the movie and see the simple mistakes you've made,” Herndon said. “Many of them are simply self-inflicted. So I personally need to go into details. You know, every detail and every task, just go out and play for free. "

Herndon has not yet been able to do this. The Jets started with Ryan Griffin over Herndon last week, but Herndon still played a lot (42 percent of snaps) against the Cardinals. He had another bad fall, something that happens all the time.


"Look at the ball first, then hit it and head north," Herndon said of a possible landing against Arizona. “This is just another example of what I need to focus on and try not to play a big role before I play. First, I have to catch the ball. "

Chris Herndon
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Head coach Adam Gays had a long meeting with Herndon this week, trying to calm his mind and restore his confidence.


“We talked a lot with him about the possibility of playing one piece at a time, and whatever happens in the previous piece, good or bad, just go on to the next,” Geis said. “We just keep trying to get him to play as fast as he can play. Do not think, do not worry about the end result.

"Just play fast, run fast and do what you did and what we saw in the past."


Herndon had a good training camp after missing all but one game last season due to injury and suspension. This gave rise to expectations that he would have a monster year. Gaza is not yet ready to give it up.

"I feel like this is really one of those things where if he just got one game and started," Geys said, "it could be a good snowball effect for him."


The Jets have activated Blake Cashman and Vincent Smith out of injury reserve. They also removed Mike White's QB from the training squad to become Joe Flacco's backup assistant. They released S Marqui Christian to make room for the lineup.

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