Red Bulls and NYCFC Two Ending Tales in Orlando

Football is really a game of luck.

Despite many similar offensive appearances, the Red Bulls and NYCFC will return from their first games in a completely different mood.


The Red Bulls have broken their path to victory against the tough side of Atlanta United. NYCFC puffed and puffed again 1-0 drop to Philadelphia,

For NYCFC and new manager Ronnie Dale, this is the third consecutive 1-0 loss in the league this season, and this has been especially missed.


“We had a solid game,” Dale said at a press conference last Sunday. "And we had to move away from this game with something."

Dale is not mistaken. His team was at the forefront for most of the second half and created three good chances that Heber, Tati Castellanos and Gary Mackay-Stephen (in stoppage time) could not convert. Philadelphia hit the record table when Alejandro Bedoya was defeated with a half chance, which awkwardly bounced on goalkeeper Sean Johnson, and that was all they needed to get three points.


The concept of a good game and defeat is not new. But it’s dramatic when you put the NYCFC misfortunes next to the Red Bulls somewhat happy victory – especially when the NYCFC misses a lot less chance.


Atlanta hit the crossbar, almost hit her head in the end and did not give rest in many other cases. But in the fourth minute, Florian Valot seized an early chance for the Red Bulls, and they managed to resist.

NYCFC created better chances than Philly, and practically did not concede, but still their rivals from the city center managed to collect all three points.

Dale, still without his first victory at MLS, must be feeling the heat, and Red Bulls coach Chris Armas will be delighted with the victory over the best club.


“I think they earned three points,” Armas said after the game.

It might be simple, but the NYCFC was probably even more worthy of victory, despite its final result.

in Fbref.comThe NYCFC posted xG (Expected Targets) 1.9 against Philadelphia and allowed only 0.5, suggesting that a comfortable win would not actually be inappropriate based on the events of the game. In contrast, the Red Bulls posted a similar xG – 1.6 – but lost 1.4 to Atlanta on the road to victory with a score of 1-0.

Philadelphia Union NYCFC Orlando
Raymond Gaddis of the Philadelphia Union, above, beats Ronald Matarrit of New York in Orlando.AP

The trim and a bit of luck were what separated the two New York Clubs this weekend, and the first pretty much aligned throughout the season.

Creating chances, however, is a prerequisite to even benefit from this type of balance, and it can be difficult for the NYCFC to playmaker Maxi Morales on Tuesday against Orlando, and maybe for,

Despite the worthy performance of the NYCFC against Philadelphia – at least according to the numbers – the real results are terrible for the team with a desire for the championship: zero wins and zero goals in three matches. Even the expansion of Inter Miami and Cincinnati FC have found a loss table.

If the NYCFC is close to the same team that won the Eastern Conference last regular season, this will ultimately show up, as the Red Bulls will not be able to overtake the performance in every match.

At the moment, however, Dale is a new MLS trainer in which the team is without a goal and without a goal.

It does not have to be beautiful. Maybe a rebound, hip deflection or goalkeeper error. Even your own goal will do. But Dale needs a real goal to show, and quickly.

“It's always important not to score goals,” he said. "So I think everyone thinks about it."


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