The report said that rumors about Bradley Beale: networks are discussing possible deals to guard Wizards.

Moment Brooklyn nets signed Kevin Duran and Kyrie Irving Last summer, they went from a promising young team heading towards the hard side of the restored type of swing, to an instant opponent in the throes of the “won now” regime. Of course, everything was postponed for a year, as Durant missed the entire 2019-20 season after the rupture of the Achilles tendon during Nba The finale last June, but Durant and Irving did not join the networks to help attract their young talent.

To this end, it is not surprising to hear that the Networks are in the market for a third star, and they are already internally discussing potential deals for Wizards security Bradley Beale, according to Stefan Bondi of the New York Daily News,


It is estimated that he will become the main trading candidate this season. Bill unexpectedly signed a two-year contract extension with wizards worth $ 72 million before the start of the season, which prevents him from moving until this summer. He spent an impressive year in Washington, second in the NBA with 30.5 points per game, but sometimes expressed disappointment with the direction of the organization,

During the break, the wizards had 24-40, and even if John wall comes back healthy next season, faced with an upswing in the Eastern Conference with a lack of recognized talent from the supporting staff.


If the Wizards decide to trade Beale (or they are forced to), Brooklyn is the logical destination. As a knockdown shooter who can also help and create his own crime, he would be a great addition to Durant and Irving, and they would be one of the most insulting trios in the NBA. Networks are also a strong partner in terms of Wizards, as they have good young players on reasonable contracts such as Caris LevertSpencer dinwiddy and Jarrett Allen throw in a deal.

Irving, who scored an average of 27.4 points in 20 games with the networks before undergoing a potentially completing operation on his shoulder, said in January that Brooklyn’s needs were “explicit,” and that the team would worry about “moving parts and everything else” in the summer.


Levert might be this potential third star, but he has had serious injuries throughout his career. Deploying a deal for Beale would not only be a more reliable update, but would also lead to an immediate rivalry between the networks.


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