WATCH: Giants' Johnny Cueto Lose Bet on Hunter Pence's Bad Play vs. Dodgers

On a diamond: the bet is all on the line

San Francisco Giants right handed Johnny Cueto lost his bet without hitting Los angeles dodgers in an unusual way on Saturday night.


Cueto, who had five innings without a hit, started the sixth inning in a seemingly harmless manner as he pushed the flyball away. Enrique Hernandez bat. Hernandez's ball received a moderately deep blow, but remained in the air for a long time. It should have been easy. The “should have been” snippet in this last sentence is a hint of what happened next, so we'll be brief: Hunter Pence lost track of the ball and was already behind him by the "three".

Take a look:


For those wondering, Statcast estimates Hernandez's expected average number of shots on a ball to be 0.060 – or in other words, it's almost always out.

Alas, this did not happen on Saturday. You might argue that non-games like Pence's play should be judged as mistakes, but this rarely happens. Rather, the official scorers try to avoid mistakes if the fielder does not touch the ball, no matter how egregious the player is otherwise.


Subsequently, Hernandez scored on Austin Barnes Groundout, giving the Dodgers their first run of the night and dashing Cueto's hopes of a shutout. Cueto will be sent off before the end of the sixth inning, although not before the three-way homer allows Justin Turner,

If Cueto ended the fight without strikers, it would be the Giants' first fight since Chris Heston gave up a goal. New York Mets in June 2015. In the 2010s, there were three more invulnerables in San Francisco: Tim Lincecum threw one at a time in 2013 and 2014 (both against San Diego Padres) and Matt Kane threw one in 2012 against Houston Astros,


Cueto's non-striker would be the first in the 2020 season and the first since then. Justin Verlander threw one against Toronto Blue Jays last September.


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