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It's August. which means welcome to the project a month in fantasy footballAn early look indicates that running backs have a significant premium and the broad receiver and quarterback positions are incredibly deep.

But the industry was divided over depth. While many still consider it unrealizable outside the top five, waiting for a position in your draft might not be all that bad.


Making the top five – Travis Kelsey, George Keatle, Mark Andrews, Zach Ertz and Darren Waller – will usually cost you an early draft pick. You must make the decision to sacrifice either a backward runner or a wide receiver to land one of them. Given the depth we see among receivers, this is not the worst decision you could make. But taking a deeper look at the position provides hope throughout your project.

While some people will overdraft Tyler Higby for his 2019 performance or Rob Gronkowski for his name, the mid-level position is full of talent and goals. Wide-bodied Austin Hooper travels to Cleveland, which makes him viable, but the goals left behind in Atlanta pass to Hayden Hirst, who is now poised for a campaign breakout. And if you realize the Chargers are mimicking the attacking scheme of the Ravens this season, you might want to consider Hunter Henry, who could be the 2020 Mark Andrews.

Dolphins Teen Mike Gesicki
Dolphins Teen Mike GesickiGetty Images

Further Mike Gesicki remains a strong option in Miami, especially if he continues to line up. If you're looking for a totally underrated player, look out for Titans' Jonna Smith as he may turn out to be the second most targeted player in this offense. And don't sleep on Eric Ebron, he could be as deadly a target for the red zone in Pittsburgh as he was in Indianapolis.

This position is deeper than you think. Your patience may be your best move.


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Madness Guide

post office Fantasy Madman Drew Loftis ranked first in this season's draft. This week: tight ends and defense / special teams.


Tight ends

1. Travis Kelsey, KC

2. George Kittle, San Francisco


3. Darren Waller, LV

4. Mark Andrews, Ball

5. Zach Ertz, Fi

6. Evan Engram, New York

7. Austin Hooper, Cle

8. Hayden Hirst, Atl

9. Hunter Henry, LAC

10. Tyler Higby, LAR

11. Mike Gesicki, Mia

12. Jared Cook, NO

13. Blake Jarvin, Dahl

14. Rob Gronkowski, TB

15. Noah Fant, Den

16. Dallas Gedarth, Phi

17. T.J. Hawkenson, Det

18. Jack Doyle, Indie

19. Eric Ebron, Pete

20.Jonna Smith, ten

Defense / Special commands

1.49ers, SF

2. Bills, Buf

3. Steelers, Pete

3. Vikings, Min

4. Ravens, Ball

5. Rams, LAR

6. Seahawks, Sea

7. Buccaneers, tuberculosis

8. Bears, Chi

9. Patriots, NE

10. Saints NO

11. Broncos, Den

12. Chargers, LAC

13. Eagles, Fi

14. Leaders, KC

15. Titans, ten


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